ACCT 305 DeVry Week 6 Course Project Latest


Objective: To analyze the financial statements of a publicly traded company

Obtain an annual report from a publicly traded corporation that is interesting to you. Be sure the company has property and equipment, intangible assets, and long-term debt on its balance sheet. Using techniques you have learned in the previous weeks, respond to the following questions.

1. What is the amount of property and equipment on the balance sheet for the two most recent years? What is the amount of accumulated depreciation and the depreciation expense? What amounts are on the cash flow statement for the most recent year that relate to depreciation, gains and sales of property and equipment, and purchases and sale of property of equipment? What amounts are permitted for inclusion in the capitalized cost of property and equipment?

2. Looking at the footnote disclosures of the company, what are the individual components of property and equipment? For example, what are the amounts for land, building, equipment, accumulated depreciation, and so forth? How do companies account for nonmonetary exchange and dispositions of property and equipment?

3. Does the company have intangible assets? If so, what are the types of intangible assets (patent, copyrights, etc.) and their amounts? What is the amount of accumulated amortization and amortization expense? What amounts on the most recent cash flow statement relate to the purchase and sale of intangible assets? How do intangible assets differ from property and equipment? What costs do we include in intangible assets?

4. Does the company have goodwill? What are the footnote disclosures relating to goodwill and get more info the related acquisition? Please also describe the calculation of goodwill and how we account for differences between fair value and book value of assets acquired.

5. What are the company’s depreciation methods? What is the range of estimated useful lives used for depreciating its assets? Does the company use the same depreciation methods for financial statements and tax returns? If not, please describe the methods used for tax purposes.

6. What are the company’s footnote disclosures relating to impairment? Please also describe how to determine whether an impairment exists and ACCT 305 how to calculate the impairment loss.

7. What are the amounts and descriptions of the company’s current liabilities for the most recent year? Does the company have any contingent liabilities? If ACCT 305 DeVry Week 6 Course Project yes, please describe them. Does the company have any subsequent events disclosed in its footnotes? If so, please describe them.

8. What are the amounts and descriptions for all of the company’s long-term liabilities on its balance sheet for the two most recent years? What is the interest expense for the two most recent years? What amounts are included in the cash flow statements for proceeds from issuance of debt and repayment of debt for the most recent year? For each note payable discussed in the footnotes disclosures, what is the interest rate, total amount borrowed, and maturity date?

The following are best practices in preparing this paper.

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1. Question: When common stock is issued at an amount greater than par value, the difference between the par value and the proceeds from the sale is recorded by
2. Question: On January 1, 2010, Marvel, Inc., grants a compensatory stock option plan to 10 of its executives. The plan allows each executive to buy 1,000 shares of its $1 par common stock at $30 a share after a three-year service period. The value of each option is estimated to be $8. The company estimates it will have an annual 2% employee turnover rate during the service period. What is the compensation expense for the year ended December 31, 2011?
3. Question: Battleground, Inc. had never had a treasury stock transaction prior to 2010. It experienced the following treasury stock transactions during 2010:
4/1/2010: Reacquired 1,000 shares of its own $5 par common stock, originally sold at $12 a share, for $10 a share. This was the first time that Battleground had reacquired its own stock.
4/8/2010: Reissued 400 shares at $8 a share.
5/2/2010: Reissued 500 shares at $13 a share.
5/10/2010: Retired the remaining 100 shares.
Assuming the cost method is used, the entry to record the reissuance of 400 shares on 4/8/2010 would include a
credit to Treasury Stock for $3,200
debit to Additional Paid-in Capital from Treasury Stock AC 410 FINAL EXAM for $800
debit to Retained Earnings for $800
credit to Additional Paid-in Capital on Common Stock for $800

4. Question: When calculating earnings per share, dividends declared on noncumulative preferred stock, but not paid, should be
5. Question: Which of the following items would not be included in a basic AC410FINAL EXAM A GRADE earnings per share calculation?
undeclared dividends on noncumulative preferred stock
declared dividends on noncumulative preferred stock
undeclared dividends on cumulative preferred stock
declared dividends on cumulative preferred stock

6. Question: On January 1, a corporation had 10,380 shares of common stock outstanding. On August 1, it sold an additional 6,000 shares. During the year, dividends of $4,800 and $56,000 were declared and paid on the common and preferred stock, respectively. Net income for the year was $240,000. The basic earnings per share for the year was

7. Question: Smock Corporation had 30,000 shares of common stock outstanding during the year. In addition, there were compensatory stock options to purchase 3,000 shares of common stock at $20 a share outstanding the entire year. The average market price for the common stock during the year was $36 a share. The unrecognized compensation cost (net of tax) AC410 FINAL EXAM A GRADE relating to these options was $4 a share. The denominator to compute the diluted earnings per share is

8. Question: When a company is determining its dividend policy, the company must adhere to legal requirements. The legal requirements are determined by the
Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
state in which the company was incorporated
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)



ACC 664 GCU Week 2 Complete

ACC 664 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work


ACC 664 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 1

Select another state and compare and contrast that state's definition of fraud with Arizona's definition. Is either definition more appropriate than the other? Why?

ACC 664 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 2

Based on the information provided in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2010 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, select one of the major categories of occupational fraud and discuss in detail how perpetrators are able to commit these types of frauds.

ACC 664 Grand Canyon Week 2 Assignment

For this assignment, you are to construct a diagram of the Fraud Triangle. For each of its components, provide the following:

An explanation (two to three paragraphs) of the component specifically addressing how it could contribute to fraud.

Examples of 8-10 internal controls that could help to reduce the impact of potential frauds related to that component of the Fraud Triangle.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be ACC664GrandCanyonWeek2CompleteWork found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Only Word documents can be submitted to Turnitin.

ACC 664 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work

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